Sunday, 17 September 2017


Elgrego visited Edendale Primary School today with a message about how we can be a HERO.

The real magic is how we treat others.  You have the Power To Make A Difference.

We are all different but we all pull together to help each other.

Treat everyone how you want to be treated.

The pot doesn't stop pouring, we never stop helping.

We can use our WITS ...
Walk away
Talk to a friend or an adult
Stop, put your stop hand up, say "stop"!

Jake, the boy without a middle!!!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Making 5

Dog Book

I like reading our new dog book.
By Pacer

Cup Cakes

WOW what beautiful cupcakes Team Kea made and we are excited about our cupcake party at 12.00 o'clock!!!

The Student Councillors came and judged our cupcakes and gave out prizes.